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CAEFA act as solicitors assisting client, strategising and advising on litigation cases.

For International Litigation, we identify, instruct and work with foreign solicitors and counsel to manage foreign legal processes and to ensure that the client’s best case is put forward and if need be we also act as co-counsel. With our extensive network overseas, CAEFA are able to put together a team to deal with disputes in foreign legal systems and disputes that span several jurisdictions.

In cases that involve more than one jurisdiction, we assess and leverage the strategic advantages offered by each forum to decide how best to bring a claim or to defend against one.

CAEFA team formulate the overall litigation strategy, engage foreign solicitors or counsel, and manage the case to ensure a coordinated approach that takes advantage of the multi-jurisdictional nature of the case.

For Litigation in India CAEFA through Brus Chambers, Advocates & Solicitors in India assist client, strategising the case, advising and representing in court in all India on litigation cases. Brus Chamber with its office at Mumbai and associates at port and capital city in all States of India represents client in all commercial disputes before all the High Courts in India and in the Supreme Court of India.

Certain litigation are also conducted before district and civil courts in India. Some lawyer partners are also admitted to the Supreme Court of India as Advocate on record.